There is a reason for everything. The Objective aim to combine objects made in different times, from different materials and with various techniques. A combination of situations and experiences in search of the purpose of their existence. There are numerous stories untold but time is never enough. We decide the beginning. We define the end. So this is the beginning.


‘Aspects’ are not permanent. They have the ability to transform through time. Nothing stays the same. Nothing is static.


The observation of a moving subject

Lighting / Graphics / Sound

The objective is the synthesis of these elements into a cohesive narrative of a story or a situation.


Time passes but remains static.

This is what project zero is about. About how It may feel unlimited but in reality is never enough. How it can take you to a state of stimulation or paranoia and how insignificant it seems when it is offered to you without strings attached. You think it belongs to you but you do not comprehend that time is borrowed. It’s never yours and it never will be. But the traces it leaves behind are yours. Time is your worst enemy and your best friend. You can trap yourself inside, it’s labyrinth with no exit. It will always be there, ever flowing, never ending. You can try to dominate it, timekeeping can help you keep traces of it, meanwhile it’s gone and you were not even aware. You wake up and you’re not where you remember yourself standing, you’re not the same person looking in the mirror yesterday. – When was yesterday? People taken for granted vanished. You see, time took them like it can take you, without a note left behind. You don’t possess time; you belong to it.

‘The objects included in this visual perspective / report have been created at non-consecutive time periods. They did not comprise a whole until today. It is time for them to interact and find their place in time. The time I chose.’

Manos Tzavolakis